Public hanging for rapists in Pakistan : Is it the final solution?

The parliament of Pakistan passed a resolution on Friday which talks about public hanging of convicted child killers and rapists. Child killers and rapists “should not only be given the death penalty by hanging, but they should be hanged publicly,” said Ali Muhammad Khan, Pakistan’s parliamentary affairs minister, who presented the resolution in the national assembly.  Though the majority supported the resolution but as usual human rights came in picture.

Rape and murder of six year old Zainab Ansari in January 2018 , shocked not only the people of Pakistan, but the vibes of such heinous crime crossed the border and entered India. The people of India stood for Zainab and wanted the justice to be delivered soon. In October 2018, Imran Ali , the convict of Zainab Rape case was hanged to death. Also father of Zainab, when asked about the execution of Imran Ali, said that he is “satisfied”.

If we now talk about the rape cases in India then its unfortunate that the numbers increased even after the 2012 rape case of Delhi. It’s a matter of guilt that the victim died in such brutal circumstances in 2012 itself and in 2020 we are still protecting the convicts of the case . Fundamental rights and Human rights are the “obstacles” which is creating a lot more gap between the culprits and the capital punishment.

Capital Punishment is a much debated topic , but is less delivered and executed. In recent times Hyderabad witnessed a cruel act of rape, which was condemned by the country. But condemning is not enough, action is required. And that’s what happened , all the culprits of the veterinarian doctor were killed in a police encounter. Whether planned or unplanned, the women of the nation supported and welcomed the action of the police with great satisfaction, and said that justice is delivered. But yet again human rights questioned the police of Hyderabad . But who cares, people wanted justice and this encounter was justice in the eyes of the people of India.

Leave the law, people are now believing in self law, in their viewpoint what they think is right is the law. And this is the overall failure of the government of India and our constitution. The wrongdoers should have a fear in mind that if they tried doing something against the humanity then they will have to face the consequences of the same. But such fear is fading somewhere. Its high time to restore the belief of the people in the law again.

But the question remains the same , whether the resolution passed by the parliament of Pakistan is valid or is it against the clauses of human rights? Is the law helpless when it comes to the execution of the punishment granted to the convicts? Will hanging in public help lower the rate of rape in the country? Whether its India or Pakistan the protection against Child abuse and rape is the need of an hour.


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