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IITians in abroad form a group to help mother country fighting Corona

New Delhi. Foreign-based IITians (graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology) have started offering heartfelt support to their countrymen in fighting Corona. More than 200 oxygen constructors have been sent by them and about 800 more are under process of being sent. Not only this, this Indian group is also helping in getting fast clearance of medical ad specially oxygen concentrator and cylinders from USA and Europe to India. This group of around 20 IITians is working day and night to save the lives of the citizens of their fellow countrymen.

Atlanta-based technocrat Sudeep told that few of them working in a supply chain, so they know the processes that have to be followed for getting fast clearance in sending goods from here to India. In this hour of crisis, Sudeep’s team is working with many agencies sending goods to India. Among them are Delta Airways, FarmEasy, Fundamentum, Flipkart and Mojlix. This group of IITians is also sending goods to India from Mexico to India.

Sudeep said that IITians settled in the US and Europe are believing that the other people are facing same pain and distress as their family members in India. They are worrying for every citizens as for their parents. Sudeep said that he is ready to help any person from India wants to get any goods from the US. They are ready to help them here too.
Sudeep said that recently he had helped a lot in sending a consignment to India quickly for the Government of Karnataka. Sudeep said that it is sad that politics is happening in India even during the Corona period. The people of the opposition who hold Prime Minister Modi responsible for everything should know that a similar situation occurred in America, then India also helped a lot. Every government has its limits. It is time that all together come out of this problem.

Architect Sandeep Gupta from IIT Roorkee said that dozens of IITians working in the US and Europe are sending relief materials to India day and night. He said that a high-ranking officer of the Central Government is constantly engaged in coordinating work to deliver the goods sent by him to the needy people at the earliest. Kapil Shukla from Kanpur IIT working in a technology company in Los Angeles, is collecting goods along with other IITians settled there.

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